Saturday, July 28, 2007

Quiet night at home

OK, DH and the boys are in Peoria at a baseball game. I have the house all to myself. I cleaned a bit this afternoon, so the house is somewhat in order. I have a big project to finish for my class on Monday (ok, the truth is that the project is not actually due until next Friday, but since we are leaving for "vacation"--a few days at the in-laws then a few days with friends in Wisconsin) I really need to finish it this weekend. So, what did I spend the last hour doing?? Cleaning the laundry/scrap room. Is that getting my project done??? Nope. Why am I procrastinating?? There is absolutely no reason. So, for the next hour, I shall work non-stop. Maybe I will get far enough into it that I will be on a roll.

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Susan's Husband said...

You're as bad as Susan, who frequently undertakes massive cleaning projects when she has something else she should be doing. This weekend, it's the garage.