Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Yes, it has been an entire semester since I last wrote. The whole thought that this past semester would be a breeze with only one class....yeah, what a joke!!! I have figured out that procratination is not my style, and I do NOT like cramming everything in at the deadline. I managed to eek out another A, so 30 hours into it, I still have my 4.0!

I have started the intersession, which will last 6 weeks. That is followed (well, actually it overlaps by 2 weeks) the regular summer session. I am one year from graduation, and beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I may have to rename the blog for another children's book....The Little Engine That Could.....I think I can, I think I can!

Summer will be full again this year, though the boys are not playing baseball this year. They will
be attending a basketball camp in Champaign, the British Soccer Camp, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp, where Jake wants to do wrestling and Josh wants, of course, basketball. Ken will continue to work, where they are in the middle of a remodel. I will be attending classes and teaching as part of a job share for Extended School Year. This is not something I really wanted to do, but decided to take one for the team.

Josh hit a big milestone....finishing elementary school! Below are a few pictures taken at the recognition ceremony. He and a friend had to deliver the closing comments. He was so at ease at the microphone...if he was nervous, you couldn't tell!

Working backwards.... Josh had minor surgery in April to remove a cyst on his face. While the procedure was minor, the stress for mama was major! The part that made me the most nervous was the anethesia, since this is the first time either of the boys had to be put under. Both patient and his mama came through with flying colors. In fact, Josh was home about an hour, which was about two and a half hours after coming out of the anethasia, before he asked to go over to his school and get his homework, because he was bored!

In late February, I attended the ITHI (Illinois Teachers for Deaf/Hard Of Hearing Inidividuals) Conference in Springfield. As always, such gatherings are a reunion of past mentors, college classmates and former collegues. Somehow, I managed to get myself voted onto the board as an area representative (co-representative for Area 12). Like I needed one more obligation!

Jake played up in soccer this year, joining the 5th and 6th grade team, though he is only in fourth grade (though, now technically a 5th grader at the time this post goes to press). He did a wonderful job of "running with the big dogs", but he did have a lot of practice last season when he filled vacancies on the roster.Though so many details have been left out (like Ken turning 41!!), I will end this little update. I will not promise to keep up, because that would just set me up for failure. I will, however, promise to have a life, and if there time to tell you about it, I will!