Monday, November 02, 2009

Wrist Watch....

During a Monday night soccer practice on October 5th (ok, so I am a month late here...), Jake fell and sprained his wrist. He was in some pretty bad pain. Three weeks of wearing a splint, sitting out of P.E., popping tylenol (there is another story for another day), xrays and visits to the doctor, he was finally on the mend. Though it was his right wrist that was hurt, he was able to still do his school work, play soccer (though no more time in as keeper) and practice the trumpet, so all was not lost.

Jake was just getting done with his splint as Josh was trying out for the basketball team. In fact, one afternoon he asked to have a friend over to help him practice, since Jake still wasn't able to shoot a ball yet. Josh made it through the cuts and made the team!!! We were so happy for him! The day after tryouts, Josh called after school to let me know he had arrived home safely. He asked, "Did the school call you today?" No, they had not....why??? Well, apparently he was playing basketball in P.E. and fell, hurting his wrist. Oh no...not again! I rush home to take him to convenient care. We sit in their petri dish/waiting room (did I mention the flu is sweeping through town) to get xrays. The films are inconclusive, and we have to wait to hear from the radiologist. In the meantime, he is splinted and sent home. The doctor calls with the results...which are inconclusive. Which means a visit to my old friends in the orthopedic surgery department.

The ortho department does more xrays and concludes that he has a hairline fracture :( Yes, my boy is in a cast. Any guesses on what color he picked??

He will wear this cast for three weeks, then will be re-evaluated. They are optimistic that he will be healed by then. Until then, he is allowed to play in P.E. and in basketball practice as much as he can tolerate. He hasn't been in much pain at all, thankfully.

Happy Halloween....

Halloween did not pass without being recognized at our house this year! The boys carved pumpkins the weekend before. We have always had trouble with the squirrels eating the pumpkins, but I didn't want to go to all the trouble of treating the gourds with pepper to keep them away. Well...for some odd reason, the squirrels LOVED Jake's pumpkin, but didn't touch Josh's!

Then, Oct. 30th, Jake headed to a church Halloween party. We decided his regular costume might be too creepy, so we threw together this one in about 20 minutes....he looks a little like Bryan Adams....Saturday came, and it was a busy, busy day. Basketball practice, errands, and preparing for trick or treating filled the day. Then, at 5:30, the middle school group showed up and I unleashed them on the neighborhood....

the gang

Josh as Elwood Blues (but looking a little like an Amish thug)

dead dude in a coffin

The gang raided our area, then headed a few blocks over to invade the neighborhood of one of the gang members. The boys had a great time, got tons of candy, and sang Christmas songs to the people they got candy from. Middle school boys are just weird!

P.S.I even got in on the act....and took my inspiration from the book series I completed this summer....