Friday, September 28, 2007


So, picture day is next week, so haircuts were on tonight's agenda. I took the boys and their friend Kyle to the mall to get dinner and hair cuts. Since they did not want to lose all of their "long" hair, Tammy just trimmed them up and made them look a little less like Shaggy.

Now to find clothes mom and boys can agree on.....(just shoot me now!)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A quick update...

Well, the physical therapy is doing the job. No surgery needed at this point!!!! YEAH!

Jake's Birthday

Jake is nine. How did that happen? Seems like just yesterday he was my baby. Now, he walks to school, talks with friends on the phone, and gets an allowance. Where did time go?

A few soccer pics...

Here are a few pics from recent soccer games:

Is he praying???

Action shot

the caption says it all!

does he look a little short?

As always, thanks to Alan for the Josh pictures.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It has been so long!

Once the school year got rolling, all of my blogging time was sucked away! Here is a quick update....

  • no more A to Z words.....I guess that "cervix" was enough!
  • I started physical therapy yesterday...ouch! But, the electro-shock thing she did at the end was nice. I think I'll have her stick electrodes all over my back next was like a massage:)
  • The boys each won their respective soccer games last Saturday...YEAH! Josh is playing on a bigger field, and was really worn out. Jake spent parts of both halves in as goalie.
  • Jake's room is finally beginning to look like a room....he has a rug! We picked out a new comforter and rug for his room. In order to get them, the deal was that we had to clean his room. Much easier on him than on mommy. The computer desk (the desktop) is in his room, and mommy and daddy have a bad habit of using it and leaving a mess. So, I cleaned that and made DH file paperwork.
  • It was a good thing that we cleaned Jake's room on Saturday, since our modem went out on Sunday, and the cable guy had to install a new one. I wasn't too embarrassed, since the room was pretty clean.
  • I have an incredible student teacher this fall. I could get used to having someone who works this hard around on a regular basis :)
  • classes are going well, so far. I'm sure my opinion will change when I have to do more homework.
  • I finally got fed up and had my hair cut short again! I had grown it out, since DH has said on a number of occasions that he prefers long hair. I just never felt comfortable in long's not my personality. So, after a chick butchered it a few weeks ago, I had a different hair dresser fix it. She had to go pretty short to even up the mess left by the other lady. I really was much happier with the shorter cut...I felt more me. So,m it was time for a trim, so I had her "go all the way". I am SO happy!

That's all for now. I will try to post some of Jake's bday and some soccer pictures later.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


these are the words my son came up with for his homework. They are doing "A to Z". On day one, they did words that start with a and end in z, then words that begin with b and end with y, begin with c and end in x. They are allowed to use a dictionary. Tomorrow will be words that begin with d and end in w. So, what words will he come up with next???

When Jake came up with "busty" I explained that it meant a woman with really big breasts. So he decided to not use it. DH was home with the kids tonight while I was at class. He told me about Jake finding the word cervix. He did not have Jake eliminate it from his homework. He felt like the teacher needed to see that one. I asked him if he defined the word for Jake. Nope--he looked it up in the dictionary, there is a definition there. As if Jake would understand that, LOL! It may be just what his teacher needs to realize what a strange homework assignment it is. Though, it is better than the word scrambles she sent home where she wrote the wrong letters on the board.