Sunday, July 08, 2007

Do you hear that?????

It's the sound of my toilet flushing!!!! We installed the toilet tonight! WOO HOO! No more running to the basement just to go potty.

Today was much quieter than yesterday. We went to church this morning. We went to the early service since I had to interpret. After church we headed home so that I could do homework. I kept falling to sleep, so I got up baked DH a cherry pie to welcome him home.

I am fading fast tonight. It is early, but I feel exhausted. Think I'll head to bed. Good night.


mamichelle said...

Wow, cherry pie?!! Sounds delish! You have a lot more energy than I do!

Danielle said...

Yummy! I love cherry pie, but dh doesn't, so we usually settle on apple if we're buying a pie (I'm not a baker). I kept falling asleep yesterday too and went to bed by 10:30 (which is early for this night owl). Hope you have more energy today!

maia said...

yumm ... hope you had a good rest ... cherry pie sounds so delicious. I am usually a morning person and I crash early sometimes even before ds if I am too tired.