Saturday, May 29, 2010

The end of the school year...

is always one filled with mixed feelings.  This year is no different.  It has been a long year.  First on my mind is a feeling of triumph...I lived through the year.  I used to say that in a "tongue-in-cheek" manner--every school year seems like an uphill battle.  This year, it has a whole new meaning.  Not only did I survive two heart attacks, I came out of it a much healthier person in the long run.  I know my body much better than I did before.  Even my cardiologist has praised me for understanding my condition and how to manage it.  He has pushed the limits of my body and medication, with the confidence that I know my body best and that I understand how the medications work, and how to use them to my advantage.  And...with some wonderful encouragement to lessen the load on my heart as much as possible, I am almost 20 pounds lighter than I was just 5 months ago (I have one more pound to hit the 20 lb milestone, and another 13 to hit the doctor's goal for me).

The class has made nice gains this year as well.  Watching videos of some of my "babies" yesterday, seeing how much they have grown, reflecting on the strides they have made this year, brought chills.  No matter how well they do, I still will always feel like I am not doing as much as I can for them, and will continue to strive for making their education the best it can be. 

My boys are growing into young men.  Jake has found his place as a certified "band geek".  I am loving the experience of being the band mom, chaperoning and supporting him, his band mates, and the directors.  Josh has continued to play ball, rolling from one season into another.  Both boys are still excel at soccer.  They are learning how to be responsible for themselves and their actions.  Jake especially has found out that he is brave enough to face the really hard stuff, and the pain that doing the right thing can bring.  I am so proud of both of them.

I am not sure who is more excited about the end of the school year, the boys or me, LOL!  We all definately have our eyes on summer.  I am working summer school, studying along side other National Board Certified Teachers, and attending my *gulp* 20 year high school reunion.  Jake will be attending Illinois Summer Youth Music camp at the University of Illinois.  Josh is enjoying a 2 week break before AAU basketball starts up again. 

Recently, I have taken to reading through quote sites, finding eloquent words to express the feelings inside me.  This one seems to wrap up the school year:

“If the school sends out children with a desire for knowledge and some idea of how to acquire and use it, it will have done its work”--Richard Livingstone

Happy Summer!