Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wisconsin Dells, day one

We arrived in the Dells just before noon. After a walk down the main street and meeting up with our vacation companions, we lunched at Pizza Villa. Following lunch, we headed to Wizard Quest. Our team, named the "Requestors", freed all four wizards within the time limit. After conquering Wizard Quest, we checked into our condo. We were very impressed! Here are a few pics of the bedrooms...(We got the king size master suite :) ) More pics to come on this... We wrapped up the day's adventures with an Army Ducks Ride. While we waited, we had a little fun with the old army equipment...

Jake was chosen as the co-pilot. His responsibilities involved sitting with the driver and squirting the other Ducks with a water gun. They couldn't have found a more capable co-pilot...

We wrapped up the day with dinner at the condo (the adults enjoyed eating on our LARGE private balcony) and a little Wii time before collapsing into bed.


Josh had his first paintball experience, courtesy of Alan, of course. Alan and two of the soccer dads took the boys out to sweat it out on an extremely hot day to learn the basics. I was not able to join them, as Jake is too young, and DH was working. The only picture I have to share is the big bruise on his of several.