Monday, October 29, 2007

Rest in Peace


DH's father passed away on Sunday. Grandpa was a wonderful man, who served in the Air Force, raised three children, worked hard to support his family, had a strong relationship with Jesus, and was married to his loving wife for 45 years. He was the role model for my husband, who is now passing the legacy of good, strong, loving men on to our boys. I thank God for his life, for his love, and for the parts of him that live on in my husband and my boys. May he rest in peace.

Pre-halloween happenings

The big day is near. I am not going to post a spoiler about the boys' costumes, since Josh wants his kept a secret. I will, however, share a few things with you...

We had our "dress rehearsal" on Friday evening as we attended the Halloween Party for the local deaf/hard of hearing community. We took along one of my students, who had a great time. It was fun to watch my two play "mother hen" to this little guy. Very heart warming. Several other of my current students and even a future stuent was there as well. I love seeing families outside of school. It helps build a sense of comraderie.

After the Halloween party at school, we are headed over to a friend's house. I plan on trick-or-treating for a glass of wine while the boys are roaming the streets in search of candy. I'll post pictures after the festivies are over. (May not be until next week)

A fall from grace...

Last week, I had been almost to the point of a panic attack (a la Tony Soprano) due to the stress of, not one, but two large assignments due just a day apart. I was especially vulnerable at church, maybe because that is the one place it is most difficult to hide your true emotions. Anyway, stress may be one of the contributors to the dizzy spell that led to my fall down the stairs.

Yes, you read that right. My un-graceful self fell head-first down five stairs. In front of about 10 people. Including Jake. Who laughed at his mother. Laying on the floor, in a daze. Shins bleeding from scraping down the stairs. Crying, from pain, embarrassment, and the like.

Yep, he laughed. Guess he really is my kid. 'Cause I bet it was pretty funny. I even managed to throw my water bottle and hit the window. That may have been his favorite part.

My back, knee (yes, the right one, the one that caused me to be in physical therapy for a month), arm, ribs, head, shins and places on my body that I didn't even know existed, hurt for several days. Along with my pride. Everything seems to be healing. Even my ego.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's over...

The Diamondbacks swept our Cubbies in the NLDS. Josh was rooting hard for his team. Appartently, one rally cap was not enough...

Unfortunately, three caps didn't do the trick :(

Jake-The Ringer

Saturday was a busy day for young Jake. Since Josh's soccer team was going to be short a few players, his coach asked Jake if he would play up with the 5-6 grade team. This game was at 9:00, and Jake's game would start at 10:10, so he could do both. Jake and Daddy decided that this was a good idea, so the plan was set.

The weather was very warm, with the high for the day projected to be in the 90's. Jake played a great game, considering how much bigger the other team was.

Case in point

He had a couple of break aways, and really was not intimidated at all, even when face to face with kids much bigger. I was so proud...he really put his heart into the game and showed that he could hold his own with the "big kids"

Josh marvelled the crowd with that amazing foot work he is famous for. At one point, I remember screaming "That's my boy!" I could watch him do that all day.

After Josh's game was over, we headed across the street to Jake's game. Apparently, it started early, even though some of the players had not arrived. Needless to say, Jake was a little tired, but he put all he had into the game. He did get some time in goal, which gave him a little rest.

Jake parting the Red Sea