Thursday, September 10, 2009

Mark Schultz

O.M.G! DH gave me tickets to see my favorite Christian artist for our anniversary....and tonight was the concert! We had the most amazing seats--front row center. The show was amazing!

Thursday, September 03, 2009

He's 11!

Yes, once again, momma sits here lamenting the passing of another year with her little boys. However, they are not that little any more! My baby, Jake, is 11. The day before his birthday, I joked with my coworkers that "eleven years ago right now, I was in some major pain!" All kidding aside, I remember holding Jake, shortly after he was born. Since he had been born via C-section, I had to go to recovery before I could really have any time with him. The fleeting moments in the delivery room were not enough. I unwrapped that little wiggly bundle of blankets and checked him out head to toe--and declared him perfect. I wasn't too far from wrong, either. Over the years, he has astounded me with his intelligence, talent, caring and sense of humor. While no one is truly perfect, Jake, again and again, demostrates what a terrific person he has turned out to be.

My favorite moment of his birthday this year was waking him early to dash off to Dunkin Donuts for a surprise breakfast run. He has always been a coffee fan, ever since Grandma Gabhart used to make the boys her "special coffee"-- a little coffee, lots of milk, and lots of sugar. After ordering my coffee, for the first time ever, I ordered him a cup too--double cream, double sugar, and half decaf. Walking back to the van, with his coffee cup warming his hands, he looked at me and said "thank you mommy" in the most sincere voice I have ever heard. That made it all worth while...Jake learning to enjoy the small, precious moments in life.