Saturday, July 21, 2007

A quiet evening at home

DH and the boys headed up for a couple of days withthe grandparents (grandpa is finally out of the hospital!), so I am left with a perfectly quiet house. Too bad I have all of this homework to do :(

I did manage to spend a little time shopping for things for the bathroom. The tile is very close to being done, and I can definately see have the grout done by the time we leave next Monday. Once we return, all we will have to do is seal the grout, and we will be DONE!

I only have five more days of class left. It is bearable, but the changing of assignments makes me crazy. One assignment was eliminated, which means less work, but I do not think that my fellow students have realized that now all of our other assignments carry more weight for our grade. Then, to be emailed more reading on Saturday night is crazy. The syllabus should be set before the class begins. Don't get me started about my case study. It is supposed to be a project done with a partner, but since there is no one else in this part of the state, I have to do mine by myself....what the heck?!?! Not fair! more whining, back to homework.

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mamichelle said...

Good luck with the rest of the class. That must be tough in the summer!