Friday, June 12, 2009

What does a former grad student do now that she has no homework?

Well, granted, it has only been a week into summer, so it's not like I have had much time to do anything. But, I do have a few projects going....
  • Repair the bathroom wall. Yes, this is the bathroom that sucked every free moment from me two summers ago. Apparently, it is NOT a good idea to install the towel bar right in the same spot as that nasty seam in the drywall, the seam that took me a week to get it just right...(had to break out the drywall mud)
  • Learning how to eat a "bland" diet. Again, a reoccurring tummy problem sent me to the ER, where they wanted to remove my non-existent gall bladder. So, right now, the goal is to calm my digestive system to see if the mystery inflammation can heal. Google "bland diet"....have a lil pity on me ;)
  • Learning to use Microsoft OneNote...which I have been told will help organize my lesson plans and stuff at school )if you have ever seen my'd know why I need organizational help...) Why didn't I know about OneNote when I was doing my NBPTS portfolio??
  • Reading...I have only one Jodi Picoult novel left (It's her new no rush) and I just checked the original Harry Potter out at the library.

So, as you can see, I will not lack for things to do, even after the homework-ectomy.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

a few laughs....

OK, admit it, it's funny when other people mess up. Check out for page after page of chuckles.