Friday, June 15, 2007

Our knight in shining armor....

has arrived! Dale is here! The bathroom sub floor is replaced, the tub is in, and the drywall is going up. Things are moving along well, and we couldn't be happier.

The boys had their last regular season baseball games last night. Both teams won. DH was working, so Dale went with me as we crisscrossed town to see the games, which were at two different locations. I did not time it very well, so we missed most of Jake's game. He hit 3 for 4, which was great!

Josh, my sports prodigy, had another great game. I didn't get to see him pitch, as I was at Jake's game. He didn't pitch a whole inning, which is strange, since he usually can go a couple of innings. He says that the other team was scoring because the defense was not backing him up, but I realize that is his perspective. I did not hear from the coach about his thoughts.

The last inning, Josh caught two line drives right in a row to get the last two outs. Pretty exciting.

So, next week the tournament begins. Both teams are pretty good, and they have a good chance of getting pretty far. Which means that many more games for me to go to...oh well. It's only one more week.

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mamichelle said...

You're bringing me back to the baseball days, a LONG time ago, when both my boys played in different places and we had to take turns.

Glad your help is there!