Saturday, June 02, 2007

Bathroom Remodel...

Yesterday was the first official day of the bathroom remodel. In the past two days, we have removed the tub, sink, and the ugly green tile from the walls. Now we need to get the place cleaned up so that the new drywall and tile backer can be put up. I am so excited about being able to redo the bathroom. Here are the before pictures...

But, there has been a stall in the construction...due to Josh's sleepover. Now, why would one plan a sleepover during a large project such as this???? We didn't!!! Josh managed to invite over two different kids for a sleepover without asking us first. Yes, I was mad at first, but, considering what a genuinely good kid Josh is, I decided to let him go ahead with the plan. I did, however, drill it into his head to NEVER DO IT AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

Jake is at a friend's house, and will be joining us later in the evening. While the boys hypnotize themselves in front of the PlayStation, DH and I will be removing the rest of the drywall.

BTW, thanks for the congrats on the grade....I am SO HAPPY!!!!!

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