Monday, June 11, 2007

Monday ramblings....

Kind of a busy day here for me. DH headed back to work after 11 days off, so I was sad to see him go. I made a pact with myself that I would be productive this week and not lay around in pj's all day. So, I started by getting myself and the boys going this morning. I had a few things to drop off for my students at summer school, then took Josh to basketball camp in Champaign. He goes everyday this week, for one hour, forty five minutes. He seemed ot like it. He didn't know anyone there, but said he made a few new friends.

While he was at camp, Jake and I did a little shopping around on that side of town--Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, etc. I have been wanting to get rid of the flower arrangements on the top of my cabinets, since they are so hard to keep clean. So, I found a few things to replace the flowers. Now I will need to come up with something new for curtains....sooner rather than later. The sun is killing me in the evenings.

Jack (Josh's best buddy) came over after camp, since his mom has to work one more week before summer break. He ended up staying over night. His grandmother is having surgery today (she's been in the hospital with heart problems since last week) so his mother headed out to be with her. It was nice to have Jack here to play with Jake while Josh was at baseball practice. Jack is just like one of the family. He just fits in. He is really great with Jake, like with Josh was at practice. It wasn't like he was "stuck" with the little brother. They play really well together.

I have been cleaning out and purging today. I went through the bathroom stuff and my bedroom and threw out a bunch of garbage. I have to get the house in presentable order before Wednesday, when Dale arrives. So, instead of just cleaning, I am decluttering too.

Enough ramblings....good night.

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mamichelle said...

Good for you! It feels great when you're done decluttering!!