Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Upcoming conference

OK, boring title, I know, but I am pressed for time. See, I put in to go to a conference over a month ago. The conference is this coming Friday and Saturday. When did they finally tell me I could go? TODAY! Not like I needed any time to make hotel reservations, make arrangements for the kids, etc.

So, that left me scrambling to get DH to change his work schedule (thanks Rebecca!), find someone to take the kids ot school on Friday (thanks to Sandy at the Before Care Program), someone to watch the boys Saturday afternoon AND take them to a birthday party (thanks Christy!) and a place to stay Thursday and Friday nights (thanks Suzanne and Scott). Believe it or not, I was able to get it all arranged pretty fast. Once again, God was on my side :)

So, on Thursday, I will leave work to go to class, then will head to Suzanne's house. They live only about 15 miles from the conference center, so that is saving me from paying for the hotel. I get back Saturday in time to give the kids dinner. Bye!

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mamichelle said...

Hope it's a good one & glad you got it all arranged so fast!