Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ten foods I hate...

Got this prompt from another blog....

10 foods I hate:

1. Tomatoes- I like tomato products, like catsup and spaghetti sauce,but don't ask me to eat an actual piece of tomato.....reminds me of an autopsy!
2. Mushroom- they're fungus, nuff said
3. oyseters- too slimy
4. mayonaise
5.potato/macaroni salad- when it is made with mayonaise
6. tuna- can't stand the smell
7. liver
8. beets
9, pickled pigs feet- used to make me nauseous to watch my mom eat those
10. okra


SnoopMurph said...

Oooh, I need to do this on mine...fun, fun, fun!

CMChristine said...

Right there with you...I don't like anything on the list, either!

mamichelle said...

Great one! I'll have to think about 10 foods I hate and maybe post!

Some are lima beans, navy beans, or beans in general.

I hate fish (except shellfish).

Yeah, pigs feet or lambs tongue or anything like that would totally make me barf! And liver & hearts are included on this one.

I'm not fond of lamb. I'd eat it if I had nothing else to eat.