Sunday, February 25, 2007

Finally, a birthday party for Josh

OK, so if you remember, we had planned to have Josh's birthday party on Feb. 4th. Jake got sick, so we had to postpone it a week. Then, Josh and DH got sick, so we put it off two weeks. Finally, today was the day. Josh had not been himself for several days....lethargic, complaining of being cold and tired, not eating. DH and I were pretty concerned, since he was not what you would consider typically sick. We are concerned that it was something more serious. So, when he tried ot eat this morning but threw up immediately, we decided that we should take him to the doctor. DH took him to Convenient Care while I took Jake with me to church (I had to interpret, so I couldn't go with them). The doctor there said that they could not do blood work and that possibly he just had a virus (why do doctors always say that?) So, if we wanted blood work done, we'd have to wait till Monday and take him to his pediatrician. Since neither of us believed he was sick in a traditional (contagious) sense, we decided to go ahead with the party.

Josh really perked up during the party. For the first time since Thursday, he had color in his cheeks and actually ate a little bit of cake. He continued to feel fine all evening, so we are cautiously optimistic that he is on the mend. He ate dinner, his first meal since lunch on Friday. What a relief! He is already a really thin kiddo, so he can't afford to lose any more weight.

On another topic, Jake got a Webkinz for Valentine's Day. Josh was enjoying playing with Jake's on line monkey that I suggested to one of the moms who asked what he wanted for his birthday that Josh would like one as a gift. He got a dog (who he named Bob) and has already logged on to set up his room. Thanks to the ladies on SBA (specifically focadima (Lisa)) who first told me about Webkinz!

Check out their site:


Kathy said...

glad to hear that your ds is finally getting better.

mamichelle said...

Gotta love those Webkins! My boys are too old but my little cousins have them.

Glad you were able to have the party!