Sunday, February 04, 2007

Mother-Son dance

Josh and I had a wonderful time at our 7th annual Mother-Son Dance put on by the Urbana Park District. What about Jake, you ask? Well, he was home sick with daddy. This is the second dance he has missed :( He threw up Friday morning (good thing there was no school--DH was already staying home with the boys). Then, by the time I got home Friday, he was running a moderate fever. He felt a bit better Saturday, due to ibuprofen. But, he was still running a 102 degree temperature this morning. So, not only did he miss the dance, we had to postpone Josh's birthday party and cancel our get-together for the Superbowl. Josh was pretty disappointed, but understood that locking his sick brother in his room so that his friends could come over really wasn't appropriate.

So, for the Superbowl, we watched the Bears lose :( as we munched and snuggled on the couch. Hopefully, Jake's fever will break soon and he'll be back to his ornery old self.


mamichelle said...

Sorry about your Bears! No one around here was into the game because our Patriots lost to the Colts!! We usually have at least 2 parties to choose from. No one had one this year.

Hope your son is feeling better!

kathy m said...

Hope he is feeling better by now. I hear this stuff is aweful and lasts awhile. Take care.