Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Well, they haven't hog-tied me and locked me in the closet...

Yep. It's time for a sleepover for the boys. Each boy has a friend over, and since DH is at work, I am severely outnumbered! But, as long as I throw some food down the stairs once in a while, they will leave me alone. Actually, they are being very good. I am wondering, though, where I stand on the good mommy/bad mommy scale:

Good mommy points:
*let them have a sleep-over
*let them play their new PS2
*fed them a healthy, yummy dinner

Bad Mommy points:
*let them play too much PS2
*served them salad with their dinner (but 3 out of 4 boys ate it)

So, guess it depends on the perspective. Anyway, I am enjoying the relative peace and quiet upstairs. I am slowly dismantling the Christmas decorations. Thre ornaments are off the tree, most of the kitchen stuff is boxed up, and I still have the village houses to pack up. I'll have to save those for when DH or the boys can help me.

Pray for me....that the boys will sleep tonight....

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