Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

It's been a quiet day around here. Just cleaning the house to get ready for my parents to visit tomorrow. The boys have been good all day. Wonder if they are trying to get in one last good day before Santa comes? According to NORAD, Santa is well on his way, so the little buggers better go to sleep soon!

We opened our gifts this afternoon, since we are on our own for Christmas Eve this year. No family staying with us means a bit more laid back approach. The boys were very excited about their PS2. I keep thinking, I should go down to the basement and try it out since they are in bed. I am sitting here in my new jammies (which have dogs on them), enjoying the scent of my new perfume (Euphoria by Calvin Klein), realizing that I am a little sad. Christmas is just not "all that" for me anymore. I enjoy surprising the boys and DH with gifts, but I am just not getting into the typical Christmas mood. I sure hope this isn't something more than a passing thing.

Christmas Eve service was nice. Our church is pretty casual, so seeing everyone all dressed up is fun. I interpreted part of the service, which means I get a bird's eye view of everyone. Usually, I get a chance to see who dozes off at church. Tonight's view was a little different. I had an up front view of some poor girl vomitting in the front row during the sermon. She was late teens or early twenties. Before church began, she and an older lady had hurried out of the room. Shortly after, they returned. I thought no more of it until her hand flew to her mouth about half way through the sermon. That's when she began to vomit. She and a family member ran out of the room, while the surrounding people tried not to look. Poor thing, how humiliating! Especially on Christmas Eve when the church is packed (over 500 people) and in the front row, too. I sure hope she is feeling better.

I'd better get to bed soon so that Santa can come. Good night to all!

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