Thursday, August 10, 2006

If you give a mommy a utensil bar....

(in the style of If You Give A Mouse A Cookie )

If you give mommy a utensil bar,

she will hang utensils on it,

which will clean out the utensil crock,

which will need to be washed. Once that crock is washed, she will clean out a drawer to fill it up again,

which will empty out a drawer that will have to be wiped out. Once it is wiped out, it will have to be filled...

with spices from the cabinet. Since the cabinet is empty, she may as well wipe it out, too. That empty space in the cabinet will remind her that she wanted to get the canisters off of the counter.

So she will put the canisters in the empty cabinet, but they will have to be washed first.

Then, she will be interrupted to fix dinner, for which she needs a spoon to stir. She will reach for one from her new utensil bar,

And remember where all of this work began!

So, anyone want to guess how I spent my afternoon and evening???

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kathy m said...

LOVE your post. You can tell that you are a mom who reads to her kids. Keep blogging! You could even use this post for journaling for a layout!