Sunday, August 06, 2006


Oh, all of the decisions that parents must make. DH and I have decided to start the boys on an allowance. There were several reasons behind this....1. To teach them fiscal responsibility. 2. To help them learn the value of money and saving. 3. To stop the constant "Can I have ______" when we go to the store. So, we sat them down after dinner and explained the concept. They will receive $2.00 each week, payable on Sundays. They are required to save 25% of their allowance and any birthday money they receive. The other 75% is theirs to spend as they see fit. So, how long till they are begging me to take them shopping?!?!?

As we were discussing this, I could see the light in Son #2's eyes widen and twinkle. You see, he's all about money. He's always wanting to know how he can get more. Much more materialistic than his brother. I'll bet he's the first to make a foolish purchanse. Guess we'll have to wait and see.

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