Sunday, August 20, 2006

Do you hear that????

Kid-free silence! We dropped the boys off at my in-laws, since I have to head back to work tomorrow. Yep, I am dusting off my teacher hat to see if it still fits. Since the boys don't start school for another week, DH's parents are watching them until Wednesday. So, I get a kid-free night!

A night I deserve, by the way. Yesterday's party was a great success. My boys have the nicest friends. There were three little ones, 1st-3rd grade. Then, there were five big ones, 4th-5th grade. The little guys had a ball with action figures and Pokemon cards, while the big ones played basketball, soccer and football. It was such fun watching my boys having so much fun. There aren't many things I enjoy more than seeing my boys truly happy.

Then, we headed to Josh's little league picnic. The boys had a good time. Jake spent much of his night riding a scooter around the park, baseball hat on backwards, no shirt on. Maybe doesn't sound that entertaining to you, but if you saw how skinny my kids are, you'd laugh out loud at how ridiculous they look with no shirt on.

I am signing off to clean up the kitchen and get ready for my 1st day of school. Wish me luck!!

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