Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bathing Beauty

Well, since all of the relatives have left, and the house is down to just the five of us again, I decided to pamper myself with a bubble bath. Such a girly thing in this house of boys. I spent the day either arguing referee calls (which were some really lousy calls, by the way), cheering for the team, yelling directions at Josh to be more aggressive, or hanging at a restaurant with a bunch of smelly, tired pre-teens. It was time to do something for me.

I gathered my supplies: my robe, a wash cloth and towel, bubble bath, baby oil, iPod and speakers, razor, etc. I was leaning into tub, checking the water temperature when the other girl in the house decided she needed some pampering, too. Yep...Gracie came in and jumped into my bubble bath! (For those who are not that familiar with the family, Gracie is member number 5- a 70 pound husky/lab mix who thinks she is a lap dog) I managed to catch her before all four feet went in and shooed her away. Before I climbed in my relaxing bath....I did remember to shut the door--this tub is only big enough for one!

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