Saturday, December 27, 2008

Basketball Tournament

Josh's basketball team is in a tournament in a town about an hour away. Update 1:

Tigers WIN!!!!

Afterwards, Jake and I headed home in the pouring rain (yes...rain in the end of December...hmmmm...) Josh stayed with the team to ride the bus home. I was almost home when I get a call from a certain basketball player stating that the team was going to Buffalo Wild Wings and that I should meet them there. The boys had a nice time unwinding over wings after a great win, and I had yet another chance to visit with some of the parents and the coach and his girlfriend. Which was another opportunity to see exactly why I really, really like this young man (he's 24) who is leading my son's first experience in school-based sports. Coach is an incredible young man, with a bright future (especially considering the beautiful young lady he has at his side...who is an equally amazing human being).

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