Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Tummy aches all around....

This morning, Jake told me that he had a tummy ache. This may bring a sense of alarm to some parents, but not me, when it comes to this son. He's been know to fake a tummy ache to come home from school. More than once, he managed to convince the school that he was sick and needed to go home. Oddly enough, this has only happened when Daddy had the day off. So, we instituted a family rule....to come home sick, you have to be bleeding, puking or have a fever.

Well, no surprise, today was Daddy's day off. About 1:15 this afternoon, DH receives a phone call from the school. Seems Jake has a tummy ache. After discerning that Jake was not bleeding or vomiting and did not have a fever, he told Jake he had to back to class. Way to go, Dad! I think he's almost ready for one of those "World's Greatest Mom" t-shirts!

OK, not to make us sound like horrible parents, he did tell the school secretary that if Jake continued to complain about his tummy to call back and he would come get him.

Now, Jake's tummy ache ended up being nothing. Mine, however, may be a different story. This morning, while at work, I sneezed. While that may sound like it has nothing to do with my stomach....just stick with me. When I sneezed, a searing pain tore through my lower abdomen (right where my C-section scar is). It was so painful that I yelled out. As the day wore on, it has gotten more and more painful. Now it is even difficult to sit up or walk. I think I need to call the doctor in the morning.

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