Monday, January 07, 2008

It's been so long.....

I can't believe that I have not posted since much has happened in the last few months. My grad classes kind of got away from me, completely taking over my life from the end of October until the end of the semester. I did manage to survive the semester without maiming anyone, which is a near miracle. Not only did I survive, I got A's in both classes, which means I still have a 4.0 average. I am so proud (oh my....yes I am a nerd)
The boys are doing very well....managing to balance school and basketball well. The amount of homework has increased our nights at home are a little busier. But, it is good practice for middle school, so I am all for it.

We spent Thanksgiving with my parents. As always, Mom's dinner was beyond delicious!
Christmas was a blur.... first the Candlestick Lane Open House, then shopping and wrapping and preparing for the big day. This year, with classes being so hectic, I got a very late start on things. Thank goodness DH did a good chunk of the shopping....or else it would not ever have gotten done. Christmas was bittersweet this year....December 25th would have been Grandpa's birthday. He was missed, but we still had his birthday cake (which also said happy birthday to baby Jesus). One surprise of Christmas Day was having Uncle Brad join us...we were not expecting him to be able to come. He gave the boys new socks.....complete with money inside! Very clever.....

Josh had a little side trip to Chicago with Corwin's family at the end of December. Just check out their blog for a report.... (see links-Carroll Family Blog)

Now that January is upon us, it is time to head back to work, school, and grad classes. Dad had surgery last week, and seems to be recovering well. The boys and I visited to entertain as well as to celebrate Mom's birthday. In another week, DH and the boys are going to visit his mom's for her birthday and a long weekend. Church obligations and grad classes are preventing me from joining them, but, sometimes, a weekend home alone is exactly what a momma needs. I will try to be more diligent in keeping up this semester...only one class will seem like a vacation!

Happy New Year!


Susan's Husband said...

More hoework? Isn't it a bit early for gardening? I think Susan would love to be able to get our boys to do that without destroying everything in the vicinity.

mamichelle said...

You have a good reason for not keeping up! Congrats to you on your grades. Wow!!

KathyM said...

I'm tired just reading your post. You go girl, with your studies. A 4.0 is awesome.

SnoopMurph said...

Whew! That is quite an eventful entry there!

I am glad all is well and best of luck in your studies-Impressive GPA!