Monday, October 29, 2007

Pre-halloween happenings

The big day is near. I am not going to post a spoiler about the boys' costumes, since Josh wants his kept a secret. I will, however, share a few things with you...

We had our "dress rehearsal" on Friday evening as we attended the Halloween Party for the local deaf/hard of hearing community. We took along one of my students, who had a great time. It was fun to watch my two play "mother hen" to this little guy. Very heart warming. Several other of my current students and even a future stuent was there as well. I love seeing families outside of school. It helps build a sense of comraderie.

After the Halloween party at school, we are headed over to a friend's house. I plan on trick-or-treating for a glass of wine while the boys are roaming the streets in search of candy. I'll post pictures after the festivies are over. (May not be until next week)

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mamichelle said...

Sounds like fun! The guys in my neighborhood trick or treat with the kiddos and sometimes they get a concealed beer at certain doors! LOL