Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It has been so long!

Once the school year got rolling, all of my blogging time was sucked away! Here is a quick update....

  • no more A to Z words.....I guess that "cervix" was enough!
  • I started physical therapy yesterday...ouch! But, the electro-shock thing she did at the end was nice. I think I'll have her stick electrodes all over my back next time...it was like a massage:)
  • The boys each won their respective soccer games last Saturday...YEAH! Josh is playing on a bigger field, and was really worn out. Jake spent parts of both halves in as goalie.
  • Jake's room is finally beginning to look like a room....he has a rug! We picked out a new comforter and rug for his room. In order to get them, the deal was that we had to clean his room. Much easier on him than on mommy. The computer desk (the desktop) is in his room, and mommy and daddy have a bad habit of using it and leaving a mess. So, I cleaned that and made DH file paperwork.
  • It was a good thing that we cleaned Jake's room on Saturday, since our modem went out on Sunday, and the cable guy had to install a new one. I wasn't too embarrassed, since the room was pretty clean.
  • I have an incredible student teacher this fall. I could get used to having someone who works this hard around on a regular basis :)
  • classes are going well, so far. I'm sure my opinion will change when I have to do more homework.
  • I finally got fed up and had my hair cut short again! I had grown it out, since DH has said on a number of occasions that he prefers long hair. I just never felt comfortable in long hair....it's not my personality. So, after a chick butchered it a few weeks ago, I had a different hair dresser fix it. She had to go pretty short to even up the mess left by the other lady. I really was much happier with the shorter cut...I felt more me. So,m it was time for a trim, so I had her "go all the way". I am SO happy!

That's all for now. I will try to post some of Jake's bday and some soccer pictures later.


mamichelle said...

Yeah on the soccer games!

I'm the same as you with the hair! My dh doesn't care either way but the older I get, the less I care what it looks like. I just want EASY! My hair is really thick and wavy so it's not easy to deal with long. Enjoy the new do!

SnoopMurph said...

Wow, so busy! Congrats on the soccer wins.

And I understand about the haircut too. Although, I always cut my hair and end up not liking it, growing it out and cutting it off. A vicious cycle. Enjoy the new do and post a picture when you can!