Thursday, March 29, 2007


OK, so it is common knowledge around our house that I will graduate from my current masters program in May 2009. In fact, it is something I have to tell myself several times a day, as a reminder that there is an end to the madness of homework. So, Wednedsay night I was tucking Jake into bed. I had spent the entire evening working on reading summaries and a group project, so I had spent no time with the boys. I was explaining to Jake how I missed them when I was busy with homework, and that it would get better. Jake said, "Yeah, in 2009." Ouch! While it was a little funny, it was a profoundly painful statement to hear. Yes, I am neglecting my family so that I can continue my education. I am negliecting my family and the end is two very long years away. When I said it would get better, I meant that at the end of the semester, I would have more time. How can I come up with more time? There just are no more hours in the day.

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