Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My student hat is coming out of short-term storage

I start back to class tomorrow night. Last semester, I was nervous, like a little kid on the day before school starts. This semester, however, I am just dreading all of the work, driving, and loss time with the family. Tonight was so wonderful, with my boys curled up onthe couch with me. We were watching the Illini game, but it didn't matter to me what was on TV. All that mattered was that my boys wanted to be with me :) Now, with classes starting, that is less time to spend with them :(

Jake is fighting a head cold. He is stuffy and has a red nose from blowing it all day. He is sleeping fine, so hopefully it will not interfere with his day too much.

Josh is excited about his upcoming birthday. I can't believe that he will be ten years old! I hate that they are growing up, but they are turning out to be such wonderful boys. That makes it a little less painful.

With such a long day ahead tomorrow, I should head to bed. I stayed awake last night sorting scrapbook paper until almost midnight (guess I forgot to mention the huge sale at Hobby Lobby, LOL!) and had a hard time getting up this morning. Goodnight everyone.

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