Saturday, November 11, 2006

My hats are fitting a little tight these days.

Sometimes, I wish the world would just stop and let me off! I am in desperate need of a vacation! Thanksgiving break can't come too soon.

Parent-Teacher Conferences were this week. So, I had to wear my teacher hat and my mommy hat for those. First, the teacher hat....just let me say that teachers put an incredible amount of work into preparing for conferences. I worked late two days this week, just to prepare, plus all I had already done before this week. When you figure in the one night I had class, the two new students that I had to prepare for, and just the everyday lesson planning on top of it all, I didn't get to see my family all week.

My mommy hat was a lot more comfortable :) The boys are both working about one grade level above their actual grade :) And they both are getting along well in class. I was so proud!

My student hat is giving me a headache. First, I have a research paper due on Tuesday, so you can imagine what I am doing this weekend. Plus, my practicum class is giving me high blood pressure. Everytime I have to deal with the supervisor, I can almost feel the steam rolling out of my ears. I have spent a number of hours in prayer over the situation, trying to deal and suffer through to get it over with.

And, the real shocker, is that I was diagnosed with a hearing loss last week. I saw the ENT and the audiologist yesterday. It doesn't look like I will need hearing aids right now, thank God. They are very expensive and not covered by insurance. I have a few more tests on the function of my inner ear next month, plus monitoring to make sure that the loss does not get worse. There is dizziness involved as well, so testing may help get to the source of the probrem.

But, inspite of all of these hats I am fighting with right now, I have so many blessings to consider....
-Kristen, my dearest friend, who will put up with my children and loves them like her own.
- Tracey, my other wonderful friend, who will chat with me for hours about any topic.
- my boys, who are so wonderful, that I can't even put it into words.
- My husband, who has been so supportive and is the best daddy in the world.
- God's grace and mercy, providing me all I need.

A side note: Thank you to all of the veterans and troops protecting us! May God bless you and keep you safe!

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