Sunday, September 10, 2006

Jake's 4th and final birthday party is finally over. I am so glad to check that one off of my to do list. As usual, the kids were loud, but well behaved. There were, all together, 3 girl pirates and 7 boy pirates running around. The treasure hunt was huge fun. And, I have to say, pirate karaoke was hilarious!

Now, I need to upload pictures from ALL of the parties to scrap. But, at the rate that my Disney album is going, I may scrap this birthday when he starts high school! Maybe I should publish this post and hit the scrap table?


SnoopMurph said...

Wow, you ARE going to have a bit of scrapping to do with 4 birthday parties! What a lucky boy and I think birthdays are all about sugar! We look forward to the cakes more than anything else on birthdays!

kathy m said...

Pirate karaoke? Ok, what songs did they sing? I can imagine it was pretty funny.

Kathy M.

mamichelle said...

Wow! He's so lucky!! I hope you post the pirate photos. Sounds cute!